- dancey dance robots -

the other day my boss asked me if i wanted to start working on a music video for one of my projects. of course i said, "yes!" it will be all photoshop designed/after effects animated kinda stuff, and even though after 3 days of working on it, ive only got six seconds, 7 characters, and 1 environment, im super psyched about the project! i cant wait to see it finished. for now though, i have some of my robot characters that i can share with you. enjoy.









its been a while since ive posted something on here. jack and i (otherwise known as "they bury the living") worked together to make these three posters for motion productions two year anniversary. utilizing some columbus bar/venue landmarks and an array of alien invaders, the invasion came together. im excited to see them printed out and put up next to one another. should be cool to see. look closely to see some fun things we put in there.