- enemies -

a favorite track, so far.


- sheldon's poster -

and a poster, just for kicks...


- sheldonmarsh :: tigerforce -

after 2 plus years, the album is finally finished. the cds are being printed right now, i believe. and the artwork i made (2 options) for them is being turned into a gocco stamp, and being stamped onto white cardboard sleeves. i always enjoy listening to what my friends are doing musically, and there are several tracks on this album that are worth putting an ear to. the release is in two weeks, so i suggest trying to grab one.

- lightning in a bottle -

i made this a while ago for my work, as a part of a marketing campaign, "lightning in a bottle". i like the image and the rest of the stuff i made for it. we didnt end up doing anything with it though...


- light field -

i was searching through some images on my computer today, and i came across this guy i made about a year ago i think. there is something about it that i enjoy a lot. i kinda want to make a short film with this guy. in a field. with a storm coming. we'll see.



i recently acquired four amazing horror movies, including: Basket Case, Brain Damage, (1980s remake of) The Blob and Friday the 13th Part III (in 3-D, with 2 pairs of 3-D glasses)! ive havent watched them all yet, because horror movies are best when you watch them with friends. but we'll get to the rest of them soon enough. anyways, ive been really wishing that i had some classic or b-horror movie shirts. i might make a few on my own.

- grrrrrrrrrrr! -

to help express the more ferocious beats of bundlefly...


- wing & tusk : the secret of toadflax tea -

i wish i were better with words so that i could properly describe how i feel about the album that my friends have created. i want to use the words; epic, beautiful, grand. my hope is that the art i created for them directs people towards a better understanding of the story josh wrote being masterfully told over the course of 11 tracks. needless to say, i suggest that whenever you can, get a copy of this album.


- bf -

well, brundlefly met up a couple days ago to talk about finishing the album. how do we do it? what more do we need? when can we work on it? all that good stuff. and we figured out a good bit, and it seems rather feasible at the moment. so of course, i ended up making a poster for brundlefly. sort of a brundle-compass to see where the album is going. heh.


- more POP -

ok, so here are the rest of the inside pages for this thing...


- POP -

my work is hopefully going to be making these tv shows for the british called, POP. in order to sell it though, we have to have some snazzy design stuff to get them interested while giving them information. which is where i come in. and the show is about an artist, painting a picture, while telling the story behind the character in the piece, and acting it out and stuff. i think it'd be fun to shoot/edit these shows, cause the dudes is pretty animated and it would just be interesting. but i guess we'll see how it goes. anyways, here is what i have so far of the snazzy stuff...