- new poster ideas -

these posters werent really made for anything in particular. i started working with some images, and these just kinda came about.

i keep hearing about wolves. predators. men that prey on women. i dont understand those men. i cant really imagine those situations. and i dont really want to. i just dont want that stuff to exist. i think the poster on the right came about because of that. and the other... well nature should be pissed. i play disc golf up at hoover dam quite often. i love it. being outside in the fresh air, throwing a disc. surrounded by trees and grass and water and birds. its amazing. but there is so much trash everywhere on the ground. i cant stand it anymore. i am playing a round with joel later today, and i am bringing a plastic bag with me, and i am picking up the trash that i come across.

i think it would be cool to make these into show posters, so someone could see them and somehow pick up on my messages and have some kind of positive reaction to them.



- hedera -

im currently working on a graphic novella where one of the main characters is a plant. a large body of vines to be exact. im prety excited about it, and i wish it could be done tomorrow so that i could share it with everyone. ill will be sure to post some of my progress as i continue on, but for now here is the current cover for it, which i think accurately expresses the mood of the piece...

- bloackoak -

i made a new poster for my solo music project the other day...


- wing & tusk: in progress -

my friends, wing & tusk, asked me to do the art for their upcoming album. its a concept album, telling an apocalyptic story that contains 3 main characters...well, 4 if you count the toadflaxx flower, which does play a pretty significant part. inanimate though, i suppose. anyways, i think the album art and the music itself is gonna be awesome when its all finished, so look out for it. in the mean time, heres where im at with the art right now...


- clip your nails -

while looking for other stuff to post, i found a short comic that i did in my senior year of college for a project in a literature class that i was taking. its basically a metaphorical reflection of what was going on with me for a good period of time, shutting myself off from others and trying to protect myself. but then of course my eventual growing frustrations with that, and what i wanted to be able to do to get back to being able to get close and open up to people again...

- monster island risk -

another game that ive been working on for a while now is, monster island risk! i have a playable version, but i am still working out the kinks with the help of my friends joel and kyle. i think it will be pretty awesome once its completed, but check out what ive got so far...

- black market pit -

i got to play the game PIT at my dude kyle's birthday/game party. it was an awesome time. while we were playing, we kinda came up with a new version... instead of wheat, sugar, coffee, etc. we thought, what would this be like if we were buying and selling on the black market? and so black market pit was born! i designed the cards and will be printing them out soon so we can try it out. check em out...

- posters -

i really enjoy making posters.
here are a few i did in 2008.

- receiver shirts -

ive designed a few shirts for the receiver as well. and im not sure which ones they will decide to go with, but here are a few of them...

- the receiver / length of arms -

i was fortunate enough to be asked to design the new receiver album, "length of arms" -- so check it out, and be sure to pick it up when it comes out. everything that ive heard from it so far has just been phenomenal, so im excited to hear the rest. anyways, here is the cover and whatnot...