- ...and even more shirts -

not sure which color scheme i like better...
im leaning towards the light gray, i think...

a letter to the trees and skulls in my designs.

dear trees and skulls,

lots of nice looking designs have come from our collaborations.
and you've been working hard for me for the past little while.
so take a vacation, boys.

i'll see you in a couple of months.


- joshua's robot -

a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, josh rea drew a robot holding flowers. i dont really remember why, but i did a painting of that robot and his flowers. and while searching for something else, i came across it, so i thought i would share and perhaps escape from posting some other random shirt design. i would really like to paint/draw some more. get away from a computer for a little while. so look out for some of that stuff coming soon. anyways, here is the robot and his flowers.

- there is a brundlefly on your shirt -

...i think its just because i need some t-shirts that i have been doing all these shirt designs recently. but yea, this one is for brundlefly.


- shirt, shirt -

i felt inspired to do some t-shirt designs.
not really for anything specific though.
just trying some stuff out.


- TBTL shirt design -

i quickly sketched this idea out at a shoot i was on a few weeks ago and thought i would try it out as a shirt design. i like how it turned out so i thought id share.


- phantods "revival" -

my friends in, Phantods, are releasing an EP of four songs and they asked me to do the artwork for it. sort of a childrens book, with just a pinch of creepyness. i think it has turned out pretty sweet and im excited for people to get to see, let alone here their EP. oh, and they said that i could do a remix of one of their songs, so look out for that in the near future as well!


- there is an abbey in the oaks -

progress! 6 of the rough versions of the tracks for the album are complete. i continue to get more and more excited with every listen, and i cant wait to share this music with people. but i want it to be perfect, so it will be a little while still. in the mean time, i share my excitement for the project with posters and other inspired art. and although i cant really say that it encapsulates my full enjoyment of where these songs are headed, i made a fun little poster today during my repeated listens of the new recordings...