- we buried the living -

jack and i finally did a project together! thanks to sleepers awake for being the first victims of, they bury the living. anyways, it was fun, and i look forward to doing some more TBTL in the future. so look out for some of that!


- website intro -

there have been lots of posts about work related things recently. and here is yet another. we're going to be re-doing our website. making it a little more geared toward our new documentary and film production, as opposed to company video stuff. so, im getting to design it, along with making a little after effects intro to the website. again, trying to tie it in with films. its still in progress, but i was excited to show what i have so far. so here it is...


- movies, movies, posters, posters -

my work is trying to make some movies. there are several ideas in the works. and to help sell these ideas, they asked me to make some fake posters. here are some of the ones i made today. not sure if any of them will make my final cut, but they are a start at least.


- new business card -

my boss said it was time to change the look of our business cards.
here is what my new business card will look like...