- wallpaper -

i just made a new background for my computer at work.
kind of reminds me of the movie, "aliens"...

- black market pit printed! -

well, i finally printed out the black market pit cards. i even got a special paper cutter to round off the corners and make them a bit more like real playing cards. they look awesome, and i cant wait to play an actual game with them!


- they bury the living -

jack and i have talked about starting a little design thing together. i think it would be a lot of fun, and we could produce a lot of cool stuff. so we needed a name and i threw out the idea, "they bury the living" which is borrowed from a 1958 horror film called, "i bury the living" but seeing as how we are more than one, i thought it worked better. and due to our tastes and whatnot, i thought it would also be a good fit. im not sure when we'll start moving with this project, but i was excited and made some posters, messing around with the name and everything. the first is just a nice textural piece that i really enjoyed the way the font and distressing turned out. and the second, is a borrowed image from "evil dead" with a classic horror style title. obviously we wouldnt be able to use the evil dead picture, but these posters were just exercises to see some different options and just have fun. so yea, here they be...


- abbey in the oaks -

well, its been about a year and some so far, writing this album. we get to do the final recordings of everything over the next little bit here, and i couldnt be more excited! i had a dream about it actually. and so, due to my excitement, i made this poster today. i feel it fits the feel of the album pretty well. the allusions to life and death and all that. enjoy.