- 365 DAYS OF ART -

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my friend jason (or felix, however you know the dude) told me about a project of doing a design every day for 365 days. which is funny that last night, i watched julie and julia with kae, which was about going through julia childs cookbook in 365 days, and blogging about it. same idea and hopefully just as tasty. im excited about the idea and i really hope that it strengthens me as an artist. i really encourage any of my friends, visual artists or not, to join in! im starting on january 1st!


- dancey dance robots -

the other day my boss asked me if i wanted to start working on a music video for one of my projects. of course i said, "yes!" it will be all photoshop designed/after effects animated kinda stuff, and even though after 3 days of working on it, ive only got six seconds, 7 characters, and 1 environment, im super psyched about the project! i cant wait to see it finished. for now though, i have some of my robot characters that i can share with you. enjoy.









its been a while since ive posted something on here. jack and i (otherwise known as "they bury the living") worked together to make these three posters for motion productions two year anniversary. utilizing some columbus bar/venue landmarks and an array of alien invaders, the invasion came together. im excited to see them printed out and put up next to one another. should be cool to see. look closely to see some fun things we put in there.


- we buried the living -

jack and i finally did a project together! thanks to sleepers awake for being the first victims of, they bury the living. anyways, it was fun, and i look forward to doing some more TBTL in the future. so look out for some of that!


- website intro -

there have been lots of posts about work related things recently. and here is yet another. we're going to be re-doing our website. making it a little more geared toward our new documentary and film production, as opposed to company video stuff. so, im getting to design it, along with making a little after effects intro to the website. again, trying to tie it in with films. its still in progress, but i was excited to show what i have so far. so here it is...


- movies, movies, posters, posters -

my work is trying to make some movies. there are several ideas in the works. and to help sell these ideas, they asked me to make some fake posters. here are some of the ones i made today. not sure if any of them will make my final cut, but they are a start at least.


- new business card -

my boss said it was time to change the look of our business cards.
here is what my new business card will look like...


- priceless -

my work is going to be making a documentary, presently titled, "priceless value". from how its been described, it sounds kinda like, "every man's battle"...but for girls. anyways, something about "price" and "value" made me think of the little sections of advertisements for cheap stuff in the back of old school comic books. so that is the kind of look i went for. although, i had to leave out some of my favorite ads because they didnt seem too appropriate to be on this cover. for example, the blood curdling screaming rubber bats on strings that you had to send in $2.99 for, the monster hands and the fake blood capsules.


- snowy castle -

so, yesterday was my first attempts at learning after effects, and i have to say that i am SUPER excited! i learned how to animate photographs, moving a camera in a 3-d environment between layers that made in photoshop and all that good stuff. so i thought, i would attempt something other than a photo, and just create my own landscape to move around in. its really exciting to get too see what it would be like to actually be in the environments that i create! i cant wait to do more! and here is my first little test of trying it out...


- enemies -

a favorite track, so far.


- sheldon's poster -

and a poster, just for kicks...


- sheldonmarsh :: tigerforce -

after 2 plus years, the album is finally finished. the cds are being printed right now, i believe. and the artwork i made (2 options) for them is being turned into a gocco stamp, and being stamped onto white cardboard sleeves. i always enjoy listening to what my friends are doing musically, and there are several tracks on this album that are worth putting an ear to. the release is in two weeks, so i suggest trying to grab one.

- lightning in a bottle -

i made this a while ago for my work, as a part of a marketing campaign, "lightning in a bottle". i like the image and the rest of the stuff i made for it. we didnt end up doing anything with it though...


- light field -

i was searching through some images on my computer today, and i came across this guy i made about a year ago i think. there is something about it that i enjoy a lot. i kinda want to make a short film with this guy. in a field. with a storm coming. we'll see.



i recently acquired four amazing horror movies, including: Basket Case, Brain Damage, (1980s remake of) The Blob and Friday the 13th Part III (in 3-D, with 2 pairs of 3-D glasses)! ive havent watched them all yet, because horror movies are best when you watch them with friends. but we'll get to the rest of them soon enough. anyways, ive been really wishing that i had some classic or b-horror movie shirts. i might make a few on my own.

- grrrrrrrrrrr! -

to help express the more ferocious beats of bundlefly...


- wing & tusk : the secret of toadflax tea -

i wish i were better with words so that i could properly describe how i feel about the album that my friends have created. i want to use the words; epic, beautiful, grand. my hope is that the art i created for them directs people towards a better understanding of the story josh wrote being masterfully told over the course of 11 tracks. needless to say, i suggest that whenever you can, get a copy of this album.


- bf -

well, brundlefly met up a couple days ago to talk about finishing the album. how do we do it? what more do we need? when can we work on it? all that good stuff. and we figured out a good bit, and it seems rather feasible at the moment. so of course, i ended up making a poster for brundlefly. sort of a brundle-compass to see where the album is going. heh.


- more POP -

ok, so here are the rest of the inside pages for this thing...


- POP -

my work is hopefully going to be making these tv shows for the british called, POP. in order to sell it though, we have to have some snazzy design stuff to get them interested while giving them information. which is where i come in. and the show is about an artist, painting a picture, while telling the story behind the character in the piece, and acting it out and stuff. i think it'd be fun to shoot/edit these shows, cause the dudes is pretty animated and it would just be interesting. but i guess we'll see how it goes. anyways, here is what i have so far of the snazzy stuff...



my friends the Phantods, let me do a remix of one of their songs, "Wolf". i dig how it turned out, so if you get a chance to give it a listen, please do. also, look out for a future collaboration between gretchen and myself. i think it will be sweet.

- "bf, its whats for dinner" -

so, brundlefly is gonna get to print a shirt soon.
we have enough money to get one design.
but new ideas keep popping up....


- theres a bird on my hand -

ive been listening to our rough recordings a lot.
getting pumped for the final versions.
so many ideas...


- you sunk my battleship! -

ok, now, imagine two people sitting on a stage.
one has a red laptop and a red keyboard.
the other, a blue laptop and blue keyboard.
they are sitting at opposite ends of a table, facing one another.
and then the music starts.
it is electronic, bumpin, and danceable.
the band is called battleship!

one day, i will be one half of this band.
and it will be sweet.


- ...and even more shirts -

not sure which color scheme i like better...
im leaning towards the light gray, i think...

a letter to the trees and skulls in my designs.

dear trees and skulls,

lots of nice looking designs have come from our collaborations.
and you've been working hard for me for the past little while.
so take a vacation, boys.

i'll see you in a couple of months.


- joshua's robot -

a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, josh rea drew a robot holding flowers. i dont really remember why, but i did a painting of that robot and his flowers. and while searching for something else, i came across it, so i thought i would share and perhaps escape from posting some other random shirt design. i would really like to paint/draw some more. get away from a computer for a little while. so look out for some of that stuff coming soon. anyways, here is the robot and his flowers.

- there is a brundlefly on your shirt -

...i think its just because i need some t-shirts that i have been doing all these shirt designs recently. but yea, this one is for brundlefly.


- shirt, shirt -

i felt inspired to do some t-shirt designs.
not really for anything specific though.
just trying some stuff out.


- TBTL shirt design -

i quickly sketched this idea out at a shoot i was on a few weeks ago and thought i would try it out as a shirt design. i like how it turned out so i thought id share.


- phantods "revival" -

my friends in, Phantods, are releasing an EP of four songs and they asked me to do the artwork for it. sort of a childrens book, with just a pinch of creepyness. i think it has turned out pretty sweet and im excited for people to get to see, let alone here their EP. oh, and they said that i could do a remix of one of their songs, so look out for that in the near future as well!


- there is an abbey in the oaks -

progress! 6 of the rough versions of the tracks for the album are complete. i continue to get more and more excited with every listen, and i cant wait to share this music with people. but i want it to be perfect, so it will be a little while still. in the mean time, i share my excitement for the project with posters and other inspired art. and although i cant really say that it encapsulates my full enjoyment of where these songs are headed, i made a fun little poster today during my repeated listens of the new recordings...


- wallpaper -

i just made a new background for my computer at work.
kind of reminds me of the movie, "aliens"...

- black market pit printed! -

well, i finally printed out the black market pit cards. i even got a special paper cutter to round off the corners and make them a bit more like real playing cards. they look awesome, and i cant wait to play an actual game with them!


- they bury the living -

jack and i have talked about starting a little design thing together. i think it would be a lot of fun, and we could produce a lot of cool stuff. so we needed a name and i threw out the idea, "they bury the living" which is borrowed from a 1958 horror film called, "i bury the living" but seeing as how we are more than one, i thought it worked better. and due to our tastes and whatnot, i thought it would also be a good fit. im not sure when we'll start moving with this project, but i was excited and made some posters, messing around with the name and everything. the first is just a nice textural piece that i really enjoyed the way the font and distressing turned out. and the second, is a borrowed image from "evil dead" with a classic horror style title. obviously we wouldnt be able to use the evil dead picture, but these posters were just exercises to see some different options and just have fun. so yea, here they be...


- abbey in the oaks -

well, its been about a year and some so far, writing this album. we get to do the final recordings of everything over the next little bit here, and i couldnt be more excited! i had a dream about it actually. and so, due to my excitement, i made this poster today. i feel it fits the feel of the album pretty well. the allusions to life and death and all that. enjoy.


- new poster ideas -

these posters werent really made for anything in particular. i started working with some images, and these just kinda came about.

i keep hearing about wolves. predators. men that prey on women. i dont understand those men. i cant really imagine those situations. and i dont really want to. i just dont want that stuff to exist. i think the poster on the right came about because of that. and the other... well nature should be pissed. i play disc golf up at hoover dam quite often. i love it. being outside in the fresh air, throwing a disc. surrounded by trees and grass and water and birds. its amazing. but there is so much trash everywhere on the ground. i cant stand it anymore. i am playing a round with joel later today, and i am bringing a plastic bag with me, and i am picking up the trash that i come across.

i think it would be cool to make these into show posters, so someone could see them and somehow pick up on my messages and have some kind of positive reaction to them.



- hedera -

im currently working on a graphic novella where one of the main characters is a plant. a large body of vines to be exact. im prety excited about it, and i wish it could be done tomorrow so that i could share it with everyone. ill will be sure to post some of my progress as i continue on, but for now here is the current cover for it, which i think accurately expresses the mood of the piece...

- bloackoak -

i made a new poster for my solo music project the other day...


- wing & tusk: in progress -

my friends, wing & tusk, asked me to do the art for their upcoming album. its a concept album, telling an apocalyptic story that contains 3 main characters...well, 4 if you count the toadflaxx flower, which does play a pretty significant part. inanimate though, i suppose. anyways, i think the album art and the music itself is gonna be awesome when its all finished, so look out for it. in the mean time, heres where im at with the art right now...


- clip your nails -

while looking for other stuff to post, i found a short comic that i did in my senior year of college for a project in a literature class that i was taking. its basically a metaphorical reflection of what was going on with me for a good period of time, shutting myself off from others and trying to protect myself. but then of course my eventual growing frustrations with that, and what i wanted to be able to do to get back to being able to get close and open up to people again...

- monster island risk -

another game that ive been working on for a while now is, monster island risk! i have a playable version, but i am still working out the kinks with the help of my friends joel and kyle. i think it will be pretty awesome once its completed, but check out what ive got so far...

- black market pit -

i got to play the game PIT at my dude kyle's birthday/game party. it was an awesome time. while we were playing, we kinda came up with a new version... instead of wheat, sugar, coffee, etc. we thought, what would this be like if we were buying and selling on the black market? and so black market pit was born! i designed the cards and will be printing them out soon so we can try it out. check em out...

- posters -

i really enjoy making posters.
here are a few i did in 2008.

- receiver shirts -

ive designed a few shirts for the receiver as well. and im not sure which ones they will decide to go with, but here are a few of them...

- the receiver / length of arms -

i was fortunate enough to be asked to design the new receiver album, "length of arms" -- so check it out, and be sure to pick it up when it comes out. everything that ive heard from it so far has just been phenomenal, so im excited to hear the rest. anyways, here is the cover and whatnot...