- priceless -

my work is going to be making a documentary, presently titled, "priceless value". from how its been described, it sounds kinda like, "every man's battle"...but for girls. anyways, something about "price" and "value" made me think of the little sections of advertisements for cheap stuff in the back of old school comic books. so that is the kind of look i went for. although, i had to leave out some of my favorite ads because they didnt seem too appropriate to be on this cover. for example, the blood curdling screaming rubber bats on strings that you had to send in $2.99 for, the monster hands and the fake blood capsules.


- snowy castle -

so, yesterday was my first attempts at learning after effects, and i have to say that i am SUPER excited! i learned how to animate photographs, moving a camera in a 3-d environment between layers that made in photoshop and all that good stuff. so i thought, i would attempt something other than a photo, and just create my own landscape to move around in. its really exciting to get too see what it would be like to actually be in the environments that i create! i cant wait to do more! and here is my first little test of trying it out...